Thanks again to the Jann Arden Horseshit Campaign for their most recent support!! This campaign is creating a real difference in the lives of horses!

Spirit’s Whisper Ranch supports wellness and healing for both animals and humans. Our SWR herd have all experienced challenges and suffering in their life prior to their arrival to us. In their forever home at SWR, living as a 1-herd family, they have a place to heal, grow and find purpose.


It is becoming well documented that horses are wonderful guides for humans along the road to emotional healing. Our herd gives of their own accord to those who are called to our nature oasis seeking to return home to their true selves. When participants are at the ranch, the herd is free to choose to step into the role of healer/guide/teacher/partner/friend and support participants on their journey. Our special focus is First Responders healing through PTSD, something our herd knows of first-hand.


Providing the level of care required for our herd’s ongoing health maintenance as well as the individual treatment programs for conditions brought about by their previous living conditions, is expensive.

This financial contribution by the Jann Arden Horseshit Campaign is a wonderful support and greatly appreciated!!


Many Thanks from the SWR Herd Family!!