We received the most amazing email yesterday informing us that we will be recipients of a $1000 donation through the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition made possible through Jann Arden’s #horseshit campaign.

As a small family farm turned pony rescue / sanctuary donations like this go a long way in helping us care for rescue ponies like Moonlight & Sweetie. We both work full time jobs and operate our rescue program primarily out of pocket and by donations from farm visits or through children’s pony parties. We so appreciate everyone who has supported us and the ponies and believes in our mission.

Everyone who has been following our page knows the work and funds that have gone into hoof corrections and getting Moonlight to walk pain free. He has blossomed into the most loving pony. Sweetie, our more or less feral pony, is making huge progress in her ability to trust and no longer poses a risk that she will charge at us. While it’s heartbreaking to see a pony so defensive and afraid, it has been truly heartwarming to see her open and receptive to affection.

Last year we had over 20 amazing rescues come through our doors. In the grand scheme of things this is a needle in the haystack of horses that need help. We ask you to check out the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition Facebook page. Sign to petition and share the horrible fate that so many horses endure. Support your local rescues wherever they may be. Ponies like Moonlight and Sweetie are really the lucky ones to be given a second chance that so many horses do not get.