As a follow up to our recently released information on the live draft horse shipments out of Calgary, Alberta, we are releasing this footage that has not been in general release until now.

This footage was taken in January and March 2015.

In the first segment we see 4 horses being loaded into a crate in Calgary that’s designed for three and which is against Canada’s Health of Animals regulations.

 You can see the specific sections here (140.1 and 141.8)

We then see the unloading in Japan and can clearly see the crates that the horses have been confined in for many, many hours as well as the typical rough handling that is endemic in this industry.

We must also ask why the horses are not being led in one at a time rather than stampeding into the crates given that they all have halters on.  You would think that it would be much safer that way.

Please consider contacting Japan’s Ambassador to Canada. His contact information can be found here.

Also, please let the Canadian Ambassador to Japan know how you feel about this trade. His information is here.

Atlas Air Cargo is the carrier currently doing these charters.  Please write to them here.