In mid-November 2018 both the Summerview feedlot and the Bouvry Exports Slaughterhouse were visited by advocates.  We were shocked to see very young horses, weanlings and maybe yearlings, in the feedlot.  The horses in the Summerview feedlot all had auction tags and were branded with SA which is the Schorno Agri-Business brand which is registered in Alberta.  Schorno is heavily involved in the live draft horse shipments to Japan where the horses are slaughtered for human consumption.

At the Bouvry plant there were many large, adult draft horses in the holding pens. More horses were being unloaded from a transport trailer.

Sadly, people are still sending horses to auction which is the gateway to slaughter. Their lack of compassion for their horses is very sad, indeed.

This video shows the youngsters at the feedlot and the horses at the slaughterhouse.