“They were family”.  Woman horrified to learn 2 horses were stolen and sold to be slaughtered for human consumption.

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Kathy O’Reilly says she still feels numb after learning from RCMP Monday that her two beloved horses — reported missing over the weekend — were stolen, shipped to a nearby slaughterhouse and slaughtered for human consumption.

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PLEASE NOTE:  Slaughtering horses for human consumption is no longer legal within the United States but horses from the United States are routinely shipped to Canada and to Mexico to be slaughtered for that purpose.

Some of the horse meat is consumed in Canada and much of it is shipped to other markets including the European Union, Japan, South Korea and China. 

Unless your horse has an easily visible brand there is NO requirement on the part of the slaughter houses in Canada to double check that a horse that is being sold to them, does indeed legally belong to the person selling them the horse.

In addition there is NOT a mandatory hold time after a horse has been sold to a slaughter plant so horses are often slaughtered the same day they arrive at the plant. 

In other words, there are those whose horses have been slaughtered before they even realize that their horses have been stolen.  

Many Canadians live within an easy drive of a slaughter plant in Alberta or Quebec, and could easily wake up to realize that their horse, or horses are missing, or come home from a long day at work, and by the time they realize that their horse has been stolen, their horse or horses could already be slaughtered.

As you peruse other Blog posts on this site, you’ll learn this is NOT an isolated case.

So what can you do to help stop this barbaric practice?