This story is definitely re-post worthy.  UPDATE BELOW!

Marie Bennett writes:

This story is a reminder to all of us in Canada who live within a days drive of where slaughter plants are in Alberta, or Quebec, about how easy it would be for any of our horses to be snatched and slaughtered before we even knew they were missing.

Think about how far you live from either Alberta or Quebec, a days drive, 2 days drive or less?

So this story is pertinent to those who live ANY where in Canada, but especially in the provinces of Alberta and Quebec and neighbouring provinces, like British Columbia and Ontario.  Oh and New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and PEI, you are in this category as well.

Every horse owner within Canada or the United States needs to be aware that any horse can be stolen and the word of the person selling the horse for slaughter is considered proof that they have the right to sell the horse.   In other words, there are not protocols in place at Canadian slaughter plants, to double check ownership of horses.   

There are also not any mandatory hold times after a horse is sold to a slaughter plant, so horses are often slaughtered the same day they arrive at a slaughter plant.

In other words, many Canadians could come home from work, to find that a horse or horses are missing, and  our horses could be slaughtered for human consumption, in some cases before we even know they are missing.

Slaughtering horses is legal in Canada.

This barbaric practice has been banned in the United States, but horses from the United States are routinely shipped to Canada and Mexico, to be slaughtered for human consumption.

There have been other well documented cases of horses disappearing and being slaughtered.  (See blog posts below.) 

Listen to Kim and Sargon’s story on Blue Sky Radio.

So what can YOU do to help bring this barbaric practice to a halt?

January 13, 2020:


“What a TRULY emotional day in court for Sargon today.

Judgement is for plaintiff Kim Wilson $1,500.00 for Sargon, $1,000.00 for costs.

HUGE win for Sargon!!!

BOTH women who did this have been found guilty and made to pay monetary damages.

They saw Sargon coming for them for their despicable horrific act for the past 3 years!!

Although it does not seem fair, logical or right, it is our civil court system and it is a precedent set in time.

There will be a follow up to enforce this order when it is completed in the next few months.

I am also going to continue with my plans for legislation for Sargon’s Law and a book.

This is not about money and never was, the monetary punishment is RIDICULOUS and there is NEVER going to be ANYTHING that can repair the damage and pain they caused.

Domino Truitt thank you for being there today and from day 1, and your INCREDIBLE dedication to me and Sargon.

Thank you to my new Lawyer Jennifer Priestly for her outstanding representation today and the long drive home to Brantford from Oshawa.

My family have been AMAZING strength to me and have suffered a loss as well.

All horse warriors and other supporters have been FANTASTIC with sharing Sargon’s voice and our story, thank you. There are so many of you to mention.

For the last 3 years I have been focused on today’s results and have not grieved Please understand how difficult this is if I dont respond to everyone right away.

I will continue to keep everyone informed on this journey of triumph over evil.

Remember J33907.

That number is tatooed on both my wrists. It was Sargon’s tattoo that was fraudulently recorded in government documents for the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Sargon’s Equine Identification Document.

I have felt everyone’s love and kindness and it is greatly appreciated, I do not have enough words to thank you all enough.”