Horse advocates of Canada – please sign this important petition to the European Union and read the damning report about the horse meat trade which includes Canada!  Tens of thousands of horses are cruelly killed in Canadian slaughterhouses every year with their meat being shipped to countries in Europe and Asia.

This is your opportunity to let the EU know that you do not support the slaughter of horses for human consumption.  Sign this crucial petition today!

This video titled “A Web of Lies – Horsemeat Production in Argentina” accompanies the petition.

More information may be found here.

No matter where horse slaughter exists, it is a brutal, horrifying end for horses.


Our Patron

"I’ll be in touch tomorrow to donate to this important cause. How cruel and unnecessary Horse slaughter is. Modern society was built on the back of the working horse - and this is how we repay them. Classy."

"Canada should be leading the world when it comes to animal welfare— and yet we drop the ball in so many ways. We ship thousands upon thousands of live horses for the overseas meat trade and grotesquely fail with their treatment. Often in tight cages of three or four - for days."

"This is an amazing, important organization... donate if you can. Even a toonie makes a difference."