New Start Standardbreds was founded in 2020 to assist in the re-homing of Standardbred horses across the province of Ontario. New Start works with Standardbred owners and caretakers to ensure that their equine(s) find safe, stable and caring homes through our application and assessments that match horses to adopters. We also work to take on rehabilitation and rescue cases that others may deem unfit or unable to be saved.

This includes the rescue of four Standardbreds in early 2021 from a slaughter/ship auction pen, all of which are battling their own mental and physical ailments. From torn tendons, severe malnourishment, mental remnants of abuse/neglect, and severely overgrown hooves; these four horses have seen the worst of humanity and we are working hard to show them love, care, compassion and kindness. In our first year of operations we were able to safely rehome 16 Standardbreds, and so far in 2021 we have already rehomed more than 10. 

The funding from the “Horseshit” campaign created and promoted by Jann Arden, and the hard work and dedication of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition team will allow these four recent auction rescues to continue to receive the above and beyond care and kindness they need to heal on their journey and have the chance to find their adoptive families when they are ready!

NOT MY MAN is a 10 year old gelding who has been seen by a veterinarian and determined he must remain on long-term stall rest due to a slipped hock and torn suspensories. Neo is currently on an ‘aggressive’ PEMF treatment schedule to help work to promote the healing of tissues and reduce inflammation. He also arrived in poor condition and severely dehydrated. In just 2 weeks he has already gained 20lbs (mainly in water weight we think!) and is already showing a much healthier skin, coat and overall demeanour. 

MID LIFE is an 18 year old gelding who is our most malnourished of the 4 rescues. Ben is suffering from at least one tooth root abscess and most likely will need one, if not more, of his teeth removed. He also is battling many aches and pains from his neglect, but due to his current underweight status, he would not be able to handle regular massage therapy and so exploratory PEMF treatments are also an opportunity to help Ben while he continues to work on his weight gain. On top of everything else he also recently hatched a batch of lice eggs and is under aggressive treatment to get rid of them. 

ST HELENS KORVETTE is a 16 year old gelding, and while he is not showcasing some of the more major issues at this time, Korvette has been dropping feed and requires an examination and dental float to ensure he has no issues with his teeth. Due to his history of being a buggy horse, he would also greatly benefit from chiropractic treatments to get him to his best possible health. He arrived with severely overgrown hooves and heavy road shoes still attached. His kind and gentle demeanour is going to make him a very sought after equine partner when he’s ready for adoption!

EVIL ONE is a 22 year old gelding with an atrocious registered name that doesn’t suit his personality at all. One of his major issues is the unexplained head tilt and subsequent potential nerve or spinal damage causing it. EPM and many other possibilities have been ruled out, and he is leaving the veterinarian stumped for a reason for the tilt – outside of it being injury induced. Theo would benefit greatly from massage and chiropractic assessments and appointments to work to get him to his best possible health.

New Start Standardbred Adoption Program

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