In 2008, the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) released its first report on the horse slaughter industry in Canada.

This report was about the Natural Valley Farms slaughterhouse in Neudorf Saskatchewan.  The report disclosed the many issues surrounding how horses were killed there.

Please read the report here.

The CHDC also released two more reports on this slaughterhouse stemming from the investigation.  These horses suffered terribly.


Report 1

Report 2

Video footage was uploaded to our YouTube channel.

There are 3 videos, Part 1 shows the holding pens where horses were kept prior to being killed, Part 3 shows some of the many issues surrounding the manner in which horses at Natural Valley were killed, Part 4 shows more footage of horses being inhumanely killed as well as having footage of the rendering pits where remains were dumped.

Video 1 

This video shows a Standardbred by the name of JN Ashely on her last day at the Natural Valley.  She died on her 15th birthday.

Video 2 (3)

Video 3 (4)

A CBC probe raised questions about horse slaughter at Natural Valley.

Further to the investigation was a report to the Carry the Kettle First Nations.  They had been offered a deal by European interests to re-open the Natural Valley Farms slaughterhouse to kill horses.

After our report to them, they voted to not accept the offer.

Natural Valley ceased killing horses in 2008.