Do YOU Recognize this Mare?

Before being slaughtered for human consumption and labelled “Carcass # 424065”, the 7-year-old skewbald mare had a home. She was someone’s “pet” from November 2014 to October 2018.

In that unique way so common to vulnerable animals who rely on humans for physical and psychological comfort, she had likely come to trust the individuals who had cared for her during those four years of her life.  No matter how they might have neglected her.

Then she experienced the worst betrayal imaginable.

She was sold for meat.

Under the “care” of a transient agent for approximately a week, she arrived at Bouvry Exports on October 17, 2018, with a fracture of the right tibiotarsal joint.

When did this fracture happen? Was she injured while under the care of her original family, and sent for slaughter because her disability made her “useless”? Or was she hurt during her time with the transient agent, or during transport?

While we can only speculate on the circumstances surrounding her final weeks, one point is a certainty: this mare suffered immeasurable pain, both psychological and physical. She was not only betrayed by the humans who were responsible for her care, but injured and physically traumatized during the last phase of her life.

Does anyone out there recognize this unfortunate mare?

If so, and if you have information that would help fill in some of the gaps surrounding her life, CHDC would like to hear from you.

In the meantime, we celebrate her short life and apologize, in spirit, for the harm inflicted by the humans who failed her, and for the system that allows the horse slaughter industry to continue.


Sickened by what you see in the video above?  AND by what you are learning about horses being slaughtered in Canada (and beyond) for human consumption?

Learn more and what you can do to help stop this inhumane practice here:

In the inspector’s statement it was reported that no evidence of blood was observed in the trailer and no potential causes of her injury (metal protrusions, gaps, or sharp edges) were evident.

More information regarding this mare following her arrival at Bouvry Exports may be found here.

Photographs that were provided as a result of a subsequent Access to Information request may be viewed here.

**Warning- some images were taken post mortem and are graphic.