Joey, the pony we took in on March 7th, has now recovered and I would like to thank all of Joey’s friends and supporters who contributed financially and energetically to his recovery.

Our goal in our Go Fund Me campaign was $3000. Between the Go Fund Me and donations people gave outside of the GFM, we have raised $3000.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When Joey arrived, he had a body condition of 1. He was emaciated, skin and bone. His breath smelled foul and indicated dental decay, however, I suspected he had PPID (Equine Cushing’s) which leads to rapid weight loss, as well as dental decay, and poor immune system when untreated.

Our vet came on Monday March 9th and floated his teeth which were in need of a lot of work – 2 extractions, several sharp points.

We also did blood work and confirmed that Joey was indeed starving to death and that he had PPID. We started a refeeding program and began giving him daily doses of Prascend (Pergolide) for PPID.

He is now robust and healthy running and playing with his pasture mates.

I am cancelling the Go Fund Me as we have reached our goal, however, even though Joey has recovered, he will need ongoing support.

Because he is missing teeth and the teeth that he does have are old, Joey cannot rely on hay for nutrition. Joey has had laminitis in the past and cannot rely on grass either.

We give Joey 3 meals per day of soaked hay cubes and low starch feed, pre/probiotics and cocosoy oil to ensure he maintains his weight.  He also receives his medication for PPID every day and will require that for life.

If you are interested in sponsoring Joey on an ongoing basis, please send an email to info@canadianhorsedefencecoalition.org

Thank you!