This is Joey – a neglected pony in Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.  In early March during a farrier visit, it was obvious that he needed immediate veterinary attention.  His farrier adopted Joey, and a GoFundMe campaign was started to help with his recovery.

No pony should be cold and hungryNo pony should be neglected.  And no pony’s suffering should go unseen.  He may be small, but his spirit is great! 

Please consider contributing to Joey’s ongoing recuperation and care on GoFundMe.

This is Joey’s story. 

Joey was left behind when a family did not want him any longer.

His body condition was 1 – starving and skin and bone.

The person on the property did not realize that Joey was in danger of starvation. 

An arrangement was made to adopt Joey, and the vet was called immediately. 

A refeeding program for starved horses was begun.

Joey’s teeth needed floating – the sharp points and dental decay meant that eating was painful and difficult.

Joey had a fungus on his face due to his poor condition.

The vet determined he has Equine Cushing’s.

Blood tests indicated that Joey was near starvation and his body had used all of his fat and much of his muscle trying to stay warm this past winter.

Joey’s recovery is going to take a long time and may require several visits by the vet to ensure that his teeth are floated and that he is vaccinate and dewormed.

He will need supplements and special foods for the long term.

Over $1000 has been spent on Joey’s recovery on blood work, dental care, medicine, deworming, and food. 

His monthly bills for medicine and food will be approximately $175.  

He is on Prascend (pergolide) for Cushing’s.  He is on a special weight gaining diet for older ponies and will need to be fed a diet of soaked feed every day.

Right now Joey is receiving 4 meals each day with the professional help of an equine nutritionist. 

When Joey is strong enough, he will be vaccinated, and his manure tested and dewormed.

Joey will always be a special needs pony.

Please help Joey on GoFundMe.

Photo below is of Joey getting his first dental work.

The above photo shows Joey’s hindquarters at rescue.  He had a body score of 1 (starving and skin and bone).  Blood tests confirmed he was close to starvation.