Read this article published in Japan Times and weep not only for the draft horse about to be sacrificed on January 4, 2023, but for the thousands of equine lives lost to the trade every year:

Why would Canada support such a cruel, archaic custom? Many traditions, including the ritualistic one of sacrificing living beings, have been archived in history books. The slaughterhouse featured in this article appears to be attempting to whitewash its grisly activities by paying homage to the lives of the horses it kills, claiming that they are “lovingly raised”, while in the next breath praising the quality of the flesh that they profit from. Does “lovingly raised” mean to be overfed to the point of gross obesity, predisposing an animal to laminitis, colic and other serious  ailments? That’s what happens in this industry. Then, as if it is something to be proud of, the planned ritual killing of one suffering, overweight, unhealthy horse is made public.

While we can’t do very much about primitive, barbaric rituals in foreign countries, we can certainly do more than weep. We can stop being a part of the problem. We can stop raising and sending horses to their deaths.

Canada has already pledged to stop exporting our drafts to Japan for slaughter – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau directed the Agriculture Minister to do so (and indeed it was an election promise) – but somehow this mandate has become mired in red tape. Horses continue to suffer on feedlots, in air transport, and in foreign slaughterhouses.

The Japan Times article illustrates exactly why we must stop sending our draft horses across the ocean. Canada is a modern country with compassionate people and we should be setting an example across the globe.

If this troubling article chills you to the core, please let Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [], Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau [] and your Member of Parliament know about it. 

A list of MPs can be found here: