Canadian Government e-petition 4190 closed on February 7 with 36,175 signatures.  Thank you all for signing and sharing and thank you, Jann Arden, for your relentless efforts on behalf of our horses. 

In 2021, our e-petition e-3187 closed on August 17, 2021 with 77,684 signatures but the government never responded due to Prime Minister Trudeau’s dissolution of the government to call an election. 

Once it has been presented to the House, government must respond within 45 calendar days to e-4190.

  Help us keep the pressure on Prime Minister Trudeau and Agriculture Minister Bibeau to honour the mandate PM Trudeau promised in 2021 to stop the live horse shipments.  To date, our prime minister is shelving his responsibility and the ‘election promise’ he made to his Canadian constituents and animal welfare advocates.  We have NOT forgotten his promise.  We Canadians have long memories and are much more savvy than perhaps Mr.Trudeau envisions.  Canadian votes cannot be bought by a few words of goodwill and intent and then backburnered or disregarded in the heat of an election to procure votes.  

The CHDC on behalf of horse advocates everywhere ask you to keep reminding the government to uphold his promise to stop the cruel live horse shipments.  Following is a contact list and further steps you can take.  Help us hold their feet to the fire.

Until a ban is in place, phone calls, letters and emails to Members of Parliament and to the Agriculture Minister are needed:

  ✅ To write to your MP:  or

  ✅ To write to Minister Bibeau:

Send a message to Agriculture Minister Bibeau and ask her to waste no more time implementing a ban on live horse exports for slaughter! 

The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau

House of Commons *
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A6

Telephone: 613-995-2024
Fax: 613-992-1696

Contact Prime Minister Justin Trudeau:

House of Commons *
Ottawa, Ontario,
K1A 0A6

Telephone: 613-992-4211
Fax: 613-947-0310


(And please copy Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, Marie-Claude Bibeau: )

Fax: 613-941-6900 

* Mail may be sent postage-free to any member of Parliament