From time to time the CHDC passes along information or services that may be of interest to our supporters.

The International Horse Registry offers registration of your horse(s) along with physical identification that will be stored in a database in the event of an emergency such as the theft or a horse or a localized disaster.  They support programs that protect horses, provide lifetime health histories,  discourage horse slaughter, and may reunite them with their owners if lost or stolen.

The International Horse Registry“Changing the world, one horse at a time.”

The International Horse Registry is a non breed-specific registry that tracks the history & owners of I.H.R. registered horses, ponies, donkeys & mules.

The  mission at International Horse Registry is to provide each owner throughout the life of an equine with a detailed history of the horse, mule or donkey. Any equine, of any age or breed or unknown breeding, anywhere in the world may be registered with I.H.R. even if already registered with a breed association.

The registration documents include two pictures of the equine in full colour.  They also provide detailed information about your horse,  its characteristics and previous owners.

The registration document clearly states,  “This Horse Was Not Bred for Slaughter.” Transfer forms between owners include a mandatory no slaughter clause for sellers.  Additionally I.H.R offers an optional gelding agreement, that you may choose to use when selling an equine.

Once you register your equine with I.H.R. he/she is enrolled into the  “Equine Alert System” for life.

Registration will also include an emergency form to be filled out in the event of natural disasters.

The I.H.R. offers discounts to an SPCA, equines adopted through the SPCA,  registered rescue societies, including non profit 501(C)  rescue organizations and to any horse that has received disease testing. 

For example equines tested through a recognized testing facility for PSSM and 5 panel will qualify for a discounted I.H.R. registration.

“When you register your equine with I.H.R. you will be provided with a Certificate of Registration and a registration number.

That number will be linked to the history of your equine, so that any future owners will have access to a variety of details, including but not limited to health, habits, disciplines and training.

The detailed, permanent records we track will be kept in our data base because horses worldwide are deserving of the best chance possible to be understood by each of their owners, and in turn be as successful as possible in all partnerships.

This process should begin with the breeder, but we can all be part of a change by registering all equines that we currently own with I.H.R., so moving forward a detailed, accurate history can be provided when buying or selling an equine.”

For more information,  please visit the I.H.R. website, and join the IHR family on Facebook.

Happy Trails,

Tina Rowe & Chris Mackenzie 

I.H.R. Directors

Spirit’s Whisper Ranch

Spirit’s Whisper Ranch

It is with deep gratitude that Spirit’s Whisper Ranch (SWR) extends a huge "Thank You" to the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition (CHDC) and Jann Arden’s campaign for their financial donation. This donation assisted with recent, unexpected vet care...

Earth Arc Rescue and Becca

Earth Arc Rescue and Becca

Earth Arc and Becca In 2010, Becca was one of 38 starving and injured horses the SPCA seized in New Brunswick. Becca was a rack of bones, barely able to stand, with one eye sunken in and infected. Unfortunately, Becca’s eye had to later be surgically removed. The...

From abandonment to Stardom! This is the story of Barnie.

From abandonment to Stardom! This is the story of Barnie.

When discovered by Silver Willow Rescue it was disclosed that he’d been down for days in the hot sun just laying there waiting to die.    He had a severely injured spine and was left to die after spending his life as a work horse on a Mennonite Farm.  The dead stock...

Barton Feeders

Barton Feeders

Honouring Slain Horses at Ontario’s Barton Feeders  Owen Sound, once a busy port city, is strategically located at the mouths of the Pottawatomi and Sydenham Rivers on an inlet of Georgian Bay in Ontario. Tourism and agriculture are integral to the local economy. The...

Crates Break During Loading

Crates Break During Loading

The CHDC has recently obtained documents for two Korean Air Cargo flights in June, 2020, which were transporting horses to Japan for slaughter.  The flights in question occurred on June 3 and June 29. The June 29 flight was originally scheduled to leave on May 9 but...

All-Party Animal Welfare Caucus Meeting

All-Party Animal Welfare Caucus Meeting

Our ZOOM meeting with the All-Party Animal Welfare Caucus on January 21, 2021 was proof of the fact that the well-being of horses matters to a surprising number of our representatives in government.  The session was well attended and we couldn't help but be inspired...

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"Canada should be leading the world when it comes to animal welfare— and yet we drop the ball in so many ways. We ship thousands upon thousands of live horses for the overseas meat trade and grotesquely fail with their treatment. Often in tight cages of three or four - for days."

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