“The horrifying act of Canada supporting the exporting of horse meat to Japan became aware to us earlier this year. When we had researched more into this manner, we saw just how horrible it was! We are saddened to see how these horses are treated. They are forced to go into a over crowded truck trailer, where they are transported on the road for many hours without any food or water. Then they are put into shipping crates, this also stresses the horses out, while making them anxious. The most horrifying part was the reason exporting the live horses to Japan for the use of their raw meat! That makes you think how could someone torture these beautiful creatures for countless hours just to end their life. As a first world country and a member of the G7, and also a leader in animal welfare, the current Canadian government is not respecting Canadian horses. We are ashamed that Canada would do such a thing to these beautiful horses, and hope that we can help put a stop to this horrible act. Also, we appreciate the amount of effort and dedication that the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition put into this petition and the whole cause in general is just exceptional!”

  • Founder of Humane Society, Billy Carvelli