We would like to devote a blog posting to all of the committed, tireless and huge-hearted people who spend countless hours on horse protection. People who could so easily immerse themselves in activities that don’t demand the emotional price that we typically pay to be involved in animal advocacy and rescue. These individuals have fearlessly decided to research the grueling subject of horse suffering and have come up with their own ways to help. 

Over the years, we have seen a wide range of people stepping forward with their unique contributions: from journalists, students and authors to horse rescuers, shop owners, unstoppable retirees, veterinarians, artists and more. From supportive citizens who determinedly write letters to government, to celebrities like Jann Arden, whose voice carries an orchestra of advocacy power.

Here we would like to feature a few examples detailing the work of some of our wonderful horse advocates.

  • Journalist Kim Izzo submitted her article to Horse Canada, a publication that reaches into the heart of the equine community: https://horse-canada.com/magazine/business/final-destination-live-horse-export-update/amp/ . Jann Arden shines her light throughout this excellent piece.
  • CHDC received an unexpected honour in early March. We were selected by Feedspot as one of the Top 20 Canadian Equestrian Blogs on the web: https://blog.feedspot.com/canadian_equestrian_blogs/.
  • A vegan restaurant in Calgary, Pachamama Soul Cafe, chose to devote the evening of February 17th to raising awareness of horses exported for human consumption. Their Pachamama Soul event featured live music, artists painting live art pieces, and educational materials on the plight of the horses. They sold horseshit.ca merchandise and donated the proceeds from tickets and sales to CHDC.
  • Donna Weiss is an American singer and songwriter, best known for co-writing the Kim Carnes 1981 hit “Bette Davis Eyes” with Jackie deShannon: https://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.org/celebrity-support/. We are grateful to Donna for her compassion and friendship. Her ongoing support of our efforts reminds us that we have staunch allies south of the border who share our passion for the protection of horses.
  • Calgary artist Allison Dawrant raises funds for the cause and is a strong ally for the horses:  https://www.artbyalimac.com/.
  • We salute Fernando of pushpolitics.ca, for a fantastic online advocacy tool that enables a letter to be sent to your Member of Parliament in moments! If you haven’t tried it, we invite you to do so: https://defendhorses.pushpolitics.org/. Make sure your voice is heard!

We thank you all – every advocate in every corner of the country and beyond.The movement to raise the bar for horses has been made possible because of you.