A government response has now been tabled for petition e-4190, initiated by Jann Arden and sponsored by MP Alistair MacGregor. This petition called for an end to the exports of live horses for slaughter and achieved 36,175 signatures in three months.

Once again, the Ministry of Agriculture has concocted a litany of rhetoric to avoid fulfilling Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mandate to stop the cruel exports. 

Please click on the link below to read the text of the response letter in its entirety. Of note is the following paragraph, which lauds the government’s due diligence in following every possible avenue but the right one.

“Also, the Government is currently exploring the legal and policy framework for a ban on live horse exports for slaughter. This complex issue touches on a number of key  considerations, including legal obligations, international trade commitments and relations, acts and regulations involving animals more broadly, and mechanisms for  implementation and enforcement. The Government is performing its due diligence to minimize potential unintended consequences related to any changes in policies or  laws, taking into account such issues as the risks to international trade commitments, impacts on producers’ livelihoods, and interaction with any existing laws or  regulations. This includes economic and legal analysis, as well as conducting an international scan and examining approaches in other jurisdictions.“

House of Commons Petitions

This is to inform you that a government response to petition e-4190 initiated by Jann Arden on the petitions website of the House of Commons, which you have supported, has been tabled in the House.

Consult the response on the e-petition webpage.

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Pétitions de la Chambre des communes

Le présent message vise à vous informer que le gouvernement a déposé à la Chambre des communes une réponse à la pétition e-4190 créée par Jann Arden à l’aide du site Web des pétitions de la Chambre, que vous avez appuyée.

Consultez la réponse sur la page Web de la pétition.

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To write to your MP: www.horseshit.ca or https://bit.ly/3AutWgn
To write to Minister Bibeau: https://bit.ly/3wzf5Pp
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