When discovered by Silver Willow Rescue it was disclosed that he’d been down for days in the hot sun just laying there waiting to die.  

 He had a severely injured spine and was left to die after spending his life as a work horse on a Mennonite Farm.  The dead stock truck was on hold awaiting his last breath. 

 The story of how he was rescued is a long one, but the bottom line is he learned what life was that fateful day he was spotted down an untraveled road. 

 It took almost a year and the help of a great horseman and compassionate vet to get him removed from the property and to safety away from predators and the elements.  Unable to stand and walk without crashing to the ground, his safety and, also, the safety of his caregivers, was an amazing feat of willpower. 

 A horse who worked his entire life in the hot sun, was just left to die because he could not stand and could not be shipped to slaughter. That was 6 years ago. He wanted to live!

 He’s now a happy horse and is loved by so many. 

 In fact, admired so much he was offered a job on a tv show “Anne with an E” where he played the family’s beloved horse of Green Gables for the past three years. 

While Barnie loves to do a little light driving now and then, his favourite pastime is people. 

He has forgiven humans. He no longer shies from a hand or tries to avoid people. He’s just happy being loved. 

Barnie is a true hero.

 ALL draft horses deserve to be honoured for what they and their ancestors have given to help humans. Not enslaved or ditched or sold for their flesh.  Give them their wings and respect to live long full lives.

Laura McArthur