Emaciated Gelding Collapses and Dies Shortly After Arrival at Slaughter Plant

November 2022

Over the years, pages and pages of documents the CHDC has obtained through Access to Information have revealed evidence of the callous and cruel disregard for horses’ welfare once they have entered the ”slaughter pipeline,” and records we have recently received are no exception.

In October 2020, twenty-six horses were transported for over 14 hours from an approved buyer/assembler near Inglis, Manitoba to an unidentified federally registered slaughter plant. Two horses on this trailer were found to be compromised or unfit:

  • A sorrel gelding was observed to be 3-legged lame due to a chronic infection which was confirmed on post-mortem inspection. In addition to this, the Equine Information Document (EID) presented to the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) for him had incorrect ownership (false) information.
  • Also on the trailer was an extremely thin 20-year-old blue roan draft gelding, with a body condition score (BCS) rated as 1/9.  He collapsed shortly after unloading, was unable to get up and was euthanized (shot) where he lay.

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