Earth Arc and Becca

In 2010, Becca was one of 38 starving and injured horses the SPCA seized in New Brunswick. Becca was a rack of bones, barely able to stand, with one eye sunken in and infected. Unfortunately, Becca’s eye had to later be surgically removed.

The picture of Becca below is how she looked the day she arrived at Earth ARC in 2010, three months after the SPCA rescue.

Janis MacLaughlin, a Pictou County, N.S. native, and her parents Marion and Frank, adopted Becca, and asked Earth ARC to help Becca recover. Becca has been at Earth ARC ever since, receiving the safe, gentle care and environment she needed to heal.

Now in her 25th year, Becca is healthy and strong, and over time has learned to trust in humans again.