Thanks to an incredible show of support from Canadians who care about animal welfare, Parliamentary e-petition 3187 has topped the charts at a phenomenal total of 77,684 signatures! 

We are beyond proud of our supporters and the Canadian public for taking the time to sign this important petition against the export of live horses for slaughter.

We thank our patron, Jann Arden, who has tirelessly committed hours and hours of her personal time for media interviews and public awareness opportunities, as well as nurturing and promoting her amazing #horseshit campaign!

We also wish to thank MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith for his sponsorship of the petition, for guidance and support.

Next the Clerk of Petitions will proceed with a final validation of signatures.  Following that, the government is required to respond within 45 calendar days to the petition.

But our job is not over. 

We must keep up the momentum, making sure that all Members of Parliament are aware of the petition results and the impact of animal cruelty on Canadians – specifically, the inhumane ways in which horses are treated when they are born into this trade and shipped by air cargo to Japan.

This betrayal of our draft horses, gentle giants who so easily learn to place their trust in humans, must stop!

Please use this LINK to contact your Member of Parliament as soon as possible and express your support of e-petition 3187, sponsored by MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and endorsed by so many wonderful Canadians.

Thank you from the horses who depend on our commitment and our kindness!