Thanks to an incredible show of support from Canadians who care about animal welfare, Parliamentary e-petition 3187 has topped the charts at a phenomenal total of 77,656 signatures!  We are beyond proud of our supporters and the Canadian public for taking the time to sign this important petition against the export of live horses for slaughter.  We also thank our patron, Jann Arden, who has tirelessly committed hours and hours of her personal time for media interviews and public awareness opportunities, as well as nurturing and promoting her amazing #horseshit campaign!
Next the Clerk of Petitions will proceed with a final validation of signatures.  Following that, the government is required to respond within 45 calendar days to the petition.
But our job is not over.  We must keep up the momentum, making sure that all Members of Parliament are aware of the petition results and the impact of animal cruelty on Canadians – specifically, the inhumane ways in which horses are treated when they are born into this trade and shipped by air cargo to Japan.
This betrayal of our draft horses, gentle giants who so easily learn to place their trust in humans, must stop!
Please contact your Member of Parliament, (CLICK HERE TO CONTACT YOUR MP) as soon as possible and express your support of e-petition 3187, sponsored by MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and endorsed by so many wonderful Canadians.
Thank you from the horses who depend on our commitment and our kindness!


The petition reads:


Petition to the House of Commons in Parliament assembled

  • Large draft horses over 17 hands high are air-shipped annually from Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg airports to Japan for human consumption;
  • Three to four horses are loaded into crates smaller than a single horse stall;
  • Numerous horses in these crates lack sufficient head clearance, with ears protruding through crate roofs;
  • Flights are 10.5 to 13.5 hours long, with additional hours spent for ground transportation and the loading and unloading process;
  • During this time, horses have no access to food, water or rest;
  • Deaths and injuries occur on these flights, as well as broken crates and one known incident of damage to aircraft fuselage;
  • Horses air-shipped to Japan for human consumption are usually purpose-bred in Canada;
  • Their well-being can be compromised due to lack of veterinary and farrier care and withholding of drugs prohibited from the human food chain;
  • Scientific evidence shows that horses suffer physically and psychologically during long-distance transport and during loading and unloading;
  • Canadian animal welfare laws have no jurisdiction over the treatment of these horses when they reach Japan;
  • A 2019 Nanos poll revealed that 69% of Canadian respondents are opposed to the slaughter of horses for human consumption; and
  • Public awareness about this issue is increasing, with media interest and celebrity involvement.




Jann Arden has created a campaign to help in the fight against the live draft horse shipments to Japan.  You can find more info at her web site.  Here you can order various products to show your support for the horses.

"Canada should be leading the world when it comes to animal welfare— and yet we drop the ball in so many ways. We ship thousands upon thousands of live horses for the overseas meat trade and grotesquely fail with their treatment. Often in tight cages of three or four - for days."

"This is an amazing, important organization... donate if you can. Even a toonie makes a difference."  

Please share this site on Social Media, and with  friends who own horses but may not be aware of the horse slaughter industry in Canada, with friends who may be taking conjugated equine estrogens for menopause, with doctors who prescribe CEE drugs, and with any friends considering taking their horse to a sale barn or an auction.

Whistle blowers are invited to contact the CHDC regarding violations occurring during horse slaughter or transport to slaughter.  Are you a retired CFIA veterinarian, an ex-slaughter house employee, a transport driver or feedlot operator with knowledge of animal abuse, or other violations? Are you a track veterinarian who has evidence of horses "run" on phenylbutazone or other drugs, and then shipped to slaughter? Anonymity guaranteed!