January 2023

Following a one-week delay, another Korean Air Cargo 747 left the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport  on September 12, 2022, after being loaded with 99 two-year-old horses destined for slaughter in Japan. The flight had originally been scheduled to leave on September 5, but was postponed due to a severe weather event in Japan.

For the first time, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency has acknowledged that the transport time of live horses to Japan for slaughter could be problematic and is working on ways to resolve the issue. This approach is the classic “bandaid-on-an-ulcer” resolution to a wound that continues to fester no matter how well it is taped up.  

With a directive from the Prime Minister to stop the exports completely, we wonder why that mandate is not the CFIA’s first priority. Instead, the agency is frantically trying to find a way to avoid doing what is required. They are clearly ignoring the fact that the mandate is an order. It is not optional.

Once again, another suffering victim of this macabre industry has been brought to light through Access to Information: a horse in the export holding pen with significant weight loss and a severe swelling near the left hock. Thankfully, this horse with a serious injury (possibly a broken leg) was not shipped. But why had the injury not been noted and examined by the feedlot operator previously?

Good care is clearly not a feature of feedlot maintenance.

Additional details can be found in our full report.

  • On November 9, 2022, Canadian musician, actress and animal advocate Jann Arden initiated Petition e-4190, calling on Agriculture Minister Bibeau to implement a ban on live horse exports for slaughter, as directed in her mandate letter from Prime Minister Trudeau on December 16, 2021. This petition is open for Canadian residents and citizens and closes on February 7, 2023.  To sign, just click the pink tab at www.horseshit.ca to add your signature.

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