Many thanks to Maggie Hinton of  Canadians Against Horse Abuse for this post.


Bouvry says that they ship all over the world and have their own distribution company in Europe called, Equus SAS.

On Bouvry’s website they make some ‘lofty’ claims. High praise for – themselves – until you scrape back the flowery words and the REAL truth is revealed.

“For more than three decades, we have worked alongside restaurants, distributors and retailers, ensuring the HIGHEST FOOD SAFETY…”

See the ‘recent’, Food Recall Warnings via Canadian Food Inspection Agency web page.

Note this is not the first time their horse meat has been recalled due to FDA and CFIA prohibited chemicals found in the meat…

Recall advisory Jan. 14, 2020Viande Richelieu Meat, owned by Bouvry

Recall advisory Dec. 19, 2019Bouvry Exports Calgary, Ltd.

Recall advisory Dec. 19, 2019Bouvry Exports Calgary, Ltd.

“ANIMAL WELFARE, and employee safety throughout our supply chain.”

See investigations conducted in January and February, 2019, of Bouvry feedlots and the scathing report from the Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF), Animals’ Angels USA, and Tierschutzbund Zurich (TSB),VIA Canadian Horse Defence Coalition……/dead…/

“Thanks to our time in the industry, we have become a major player in the production and export of of high quality Canadian meats.”

See OEC report of 2017:

“Meat of horses, asses, mules or hinnies, fresh, chilled or frozen – export value $42.7 million.”

Bouvry claims in their “About Bouvry Exports” spiel that the meat they ‘process’ (nice way of saying butcher, slaughter or kill) CANADIAN meats?

See Animals Angels’ USA report on ‘AMERICAN’ horses shipped to Canada for slaughter……/update-horse-slaughter-shipm…

A Bouvry Brochure – The horses they slaughter, dismember and package are like the horses pictured in their brochure. Take a close look at them. Can you honestly say their flesh belongs on a dinner plate?…/Bovry_-Horse_brochure_web.pdf…

The majority of Canadians are opposed to horse slaughter..

See Nanos Poll, June, 2019…/majority-of-canadians-oppose-hors…


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 CHDC is working diligently to ban the slaughter of horses within Canada and beyond.  

Worthy of special attention and your financial support is a lawsuit currently being appealed by the CHDC against the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) to force the Canadian governement to stop the inhumane treatment of horses as they are shipped to Japan for slaughter for human consumption.  The CFIA is ignorning and breaking international shipping regulations and you can help prevent this.…



Include copies of the investigations and reports. Tell him/her how you feel about Canada slaughtering equines.