Look closely at actress Kate Drummond’s Instagram account,  and you’ll see that actress she is wearing a limited edition, Canadian Horse Defence Coalition t-shirt.

Kate is currently starring in Utopia Falls on Hulu and CBC Television Gem.

Fans of the TV show Wynonna Earp will recognize Kate Drummond because she played Agent Lucado.  In addition she’s starred in Being Human and Dark matter.  You may recognize her from Heartland or from video games like Blacklist, Splinter Cell and Tom Clancy’s, the Division.  

Did you know that Kate made a career change from teaching to acting about a decade ago? 

Kate loves inspiring others and to that end she’s been featured on TedxTalks with presentations titled Chasing Dreams and Beginning Again with over 500,000 views!  

“I’m just a girl, sitting in the middle of racks of couture, asking one of them to be the perfect dress 😉💕🙏 Thank you @jordanstewartrvng for the delicious afternoon of dress up, friendship-building and laughs. I am so excited to wear your masterpiece at the CSAs this month.”


"Donation made in honour of our dear beloved friend, Jill, who passed away in Alberta. And to all the other beautiful horses, like my friend Danny, who have blessed our lives. Please help if you can:"

Who we are

The Canadian Horse Defence Coalition is a  collective of people, and national groups, who have joined forces in order to ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption in Canada.   As well, the CHDC is lobbying to ban the inhumane transport and export of live horses to other countries for the same purpose.

Nous sommes un collectif de personnes et de groupes nationaux qui ont unis leurs forces afin d’obtenir l’interdiction au Canada de l’abattage des équidés destinés à la consommation humaine, ainsi que de l’exportation de chevaux vivants vers d’autres pays à des fins d’abattage.

Our Patron

"I’ll be in touch tomorrow to donate to this important cause. How cruel and unnecessary Horse slaughter is. Modern society was built on the back of the working horse - and this is how we repay them. Classy."

"Canada should be leading the world when it comes to animal welfare— and yet we drop the ball in so many ways. We ship thousands upon thousands of live horses for the overseas meat trade and grotesquely fail with their treatment. Often in tight cages of three or four - for days."

"This is an amazing, important organization... donate if you can. Even a toonie makes a difference."  


CHDC Featured in MacLean’s Magazine

CHDC Featured in MacLean’s Magazine

Humanity for Horses Rescue farm in Duncan, Vancouver Island, holds horses that have avoided slaughter (Photograph by Jen Osborne)The CHDC (Canadian Horse Defence Coalition)  thanks MacLean's Magazine and author Adrienne Tanner for highlighting the perils of horse...

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Second Recall of Drug Tainted Horse Meat in Canada

Second Recall of Drug Tainted Horse Meat in Canada

Meanwhile the Canadian government is set to... Roll out a five-year, multimillion-dollar ad campaign this summer in the hope that teaching the public how Canadian farms operate and what their standards are will get more people to “buy Canadian.”  - Global News Oh, and...

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Ontario provides funding for equine riding businesses impacted by COVID-19. Investment of $3 million will allow these businesses to keep up with the costs of animal care so they can maintain their horses and be ready for when activities can start up again

RCMP investigating death of horse. If anyone has information, regarding this incident please call Vermilion RCMP at 780-853-4441.https://www.lakelandtoday.ca/local-news/rcmp-investigating-death-of-horse-3252477

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