Thank you 17th Ave Thrift Store

In July 2021 the CHDC received a donation of $593.50 from the 17th Ave Thrift Store in Calgary, AB.

From May 2021 until the petition deadline in June 2021, the 17th Ave Thrift Store held an in store fundraiser. Selling various items including art and CDN (#horsehit) merchandise donated by Allison Dawrant, the 17th Ave Thrift Store was able to raise this incredible amount of money. 

In the past 3 years of operation, the 17th Ave Thrift Shop has remained dedicated to animal welfare and has donated close to $43,000.00 to various animal charities.

Thank you to all who donated and to owner Sadika (Sue) Ghebari, for this donation. 

Please give them a visit at:
Instagram: 17thAveThrift
In store: 2631 17th Ave SW, Calgary, AB T3E 0A5