The CHDC received the following message from a young supporter:

“Hi, my name is Camrie. I’m a 12 year old grade 7 girl and I really LOVE what you guys are doing…I think live export and horse slaughter are such a cruel thing and it needs to be stopped! I’m trying to help with banning live export and slaughter but I know there’s not much I can do. I wrote a little essay about it and I was wondering if you could use it in any way to help or if you think there is something else I could do with it. Here it is……

Many of you don’t know what’s going on in Canada….it’s something that is so beyond sickening and heartbreaking… is called horse slaughter.

These days it’s all about the money….that’s why horse slaughter is such a BIG business. If it wasn’t for the money, we wouldn’t hear the phrase “exporting live horses from Canada to Japan for human consumption.”

One of the reasons why tens of thousands of horses are getting sold for meat, is because of overbreeding. Because of breeding, it is causing so many unwanted and neglected horses. The majority of horses being slaughtered are done here in Canada in Fort Macleod, Alberta and Massaueville, Quebec.  Some are pregnant mares, some as young as foals, some are sick or injured, some are perfectly fine….and some, their owners think they are selling to a normal home, but it turns out it was a meat buyer that has taken their pet, shipped it off in a crammed crate full of other horses to then wait in line to be slaughtered.

I can only imagine the terrified look in their eyes! Heartbreaking to say the least.

However, the horses live exported are a special trade and most are bred specifically for slaughter. They are mostly the big draft breeds or draft crosses and are usually exported when they are around a year and a half old. How can we do this to the very same animals that went to war with us and helped us to live free, the animal that transported us, helped clear land for us, the very animals that worked in the mines and did so much for us….and this is how we show them our love and gratitude….wow!

 It disgusts me (and should disgust everyone) that we (Canada) export so many live horses to places like Japan and Korea to slaughter and sell for meat.  We need to stop the excessive breeding and start standing up for what’s right. I hope this educates people who didn’t know this before, and I hope more people stand up and work towards banning live export and horse slaughter in general. The excruciating, dreadful suffering and pain that these horses live with for their last few hours, is beyond upsetting and cruel.

Please! I’m asking each and every one of you, help fight for the lives of our beautiful horses.♥️

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How can we keep killing these beautiful animals?……”